Halo Heart Yoga and Sound

Yoga Class Descriptions


A gentle class that begins with a slow warmup and 1/2 sun salutations, moving into the standing postures then a light backbend pose and core work, ending with some mild stretching and a restorative posture. This class is a lovely way to begin your yoga journey by learning proper breath work, combining breath and movement, proper alignment of postures and creating calm and peace within.


A class that invites more vigor and strength into your practice. It begins with a warmup, 1/2 sun saluations, sun saluations, flows with standing postures with emphasis on techinque, balance and backbend postures along with core work. Then ending with a cool down to encourage flexiblity and restorative posture. A great class to build strength, technique and breath work, all at a pace that will challenge you, yet create a calm, peaceful mind.


A vigorous class that invites strength and cardio to wring out the body of all tension and the mind of all worries. It begins with warm up, sun salutations, then moves into flows with reps of movement between different standing postures. Next, reps in balance postures, backbend postures and core work, then a cool down with some lovely stretching postures to inspire length and mobility. Ending with the much anticipated restorative posture to let everything go.

Vinyasa Flow

A steady flow class that develops cardio, length and strength. It begins with warm up, 1/2 sun salutations, sun salutations, flows that strings several standing postures together to make a sequence. Each movement is synchronized with a breath. The breath is given primacy, acting as an anchor as you move from one pose to the next. Then we move into a backbend and core work, a dynamic stretching cool down along with a restorative posture.


A class that promotes focus, strength and determination by holding standing postures for 5 to 7 breath cycles. It begins with warm up, 1/2 sun salutations and/or sun salutations, moving into the various standing postures holding each for 5 to 7 breaths, balance and backbends postures then core postures to develope deep strength. Lastly, settling into a welcoming cool down and a restorative posture.


This is a lovely class that beckons complete release as you gently hold 4 to 7 postures anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes. While in the postures the body is propped with bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps to promote a deep release, softening and relaxation.

New Moon flow with Restorative

When the moon is in the new moon lunar phase it is a time for setting intentions for what you would like to manifest between the new moon and then next dark moon. In this class, you set intention(s) for the coming month, then suggestions are offered that will benefit you to do depending on the zodiac sign the new moon is residing in at the time. Next, the body is warmed up with a gentle moon salutation that works the lower body to release tension and cravings in the body and calm the mind through breathwork. Lastly, you settle into some much need restorative postures to unwind and go inward to reflect upon what you would like to manifest in your life in the coming month.

Full Moon gentle flow and Sound Bath

When the moon is in the full moon lunar phase it is a time to let go of what no longer serves you or can not serve you. In this class, you take a moment to write down what you would like to let go of or release to the universe. Beneficial suggestions are offered to you depending on the zodiac sign which the full moon is residing in at the time. Then you move into a very gentle moon salutation flow which mimics the ebb and flow of waves in the oceans under the influence of the full moon to calm the mind and relax the nervous system. Lastly, you settle in for a full sound bath to transcend time and space, as you let the sound waves of various instruments wash over you. Letting yourself being cleared, attuned and reset on a celluar level to the frequency, vibration, and energy of the universe through the sound waves of the bath.

Photos by:Matthew Phillippi Photography