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Hi! I am Kyron Christopherson. I'm the founder and owner of Halo Heart Yoga and Sound. As you see, I have two wonderful pets, Cosita, in my lap and Tinker below. They are my biggest fans and always support me through every endeavor, so I promised them they would be in the website.

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I have been teaching yoga since 2018. I am a 500 RYT and I love offering sound baths as well. It was through yoga that I discovered sound bathing with Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, gongs and various other instrument. After some amazing personal experiences during sound baths, I knew it was another path I needed to learn to serve others in my community. Sound bathing has become a passion of mine as I get to see and hear from clients how it helps them with stress, injuries, emotional pain and so much more. I teach yoga at Azitala Hot Yoga in Elk River, MN. I love to provide private and group sessions, whether it is a yoga or sound bathing session or a little of both. So if you are interested a personal session or a special yoga and/or sound group event for a party or your company, I would love to connect with you and share the gift of yoga and sound.

Certificates and Training

E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, YACEP®

Azitala: 200 hours Ashtangasana Teacher Training

Azitala: 300 hours Ashtangasana Teacher Training

Azitala: Sound Training

Azitala: Anatomy and Physical therapy

Yoga International: Smart and Creative Sequencing for Yoga nerds

Yoga International: Yoga Deconstructed: Creative Sequencing with Somatics

Yoga International: Yoga and Meditation for Brain Injury

Neta: Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Practices

Thai Yoga Bodywork: Adjustments for Yoga Teachers

Thai Yoga Bodywork: Level 1

Thai Yoga Bodywork: Level 2

Thai Yoga Bodywork: Level 4

Sound Healing Academy: Integral Sound Healing and the Autonomic Nervous System

Healing Touch Program: Healing Touch Level 1

Healing Touch Program: Healing Touch Level 2

Healing Touch Program: Healing Touch Level 3

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