Halo Heart Yoga and Sound

Community Outreach

Halo Heart will come to those who are sick, bed ridden, or near the end of life, at no cost and up to 3 times, offering either a Tibetan Bowl Sound Bath or Healing touch, which ever most appropriately suites the need and/or situation. The soothing tones of the Tibetan bowls and Healing Touch both create a peaceful, loving and relaxing environment which can have a very calming affect on the body, mind and soul of those who are suffering.

picture of person receiving sound bath

Secondly, once a month, I offer a free group sound bath and/or yoga session to non-profit groups and organizations that support the homeless, poor, those who suffer from addiction, the imprisoned, the disabled, the abused and veterans.

picture of me giving sound bath

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Organizations Served to Date

Sobriety First: Doubletree Hotel-Bloomington MN



Sobriety First: St. Francis



Magnus Veterans Foundation