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Sound Bathing

Sound bathing is the technique of playing a variety of instruments, such as singing bowls (Tibetan and crystal), gongs, chimes, various styles of drums, rattles and crystal triangles to create waves of sound that wash over the body and mind. The creation of these sounds produce tones, frequencies, and vibrations that can either help to relax the nervous system or to stimulate it, depending on the person's needs. With that being said, don't expect to hear a melody that you hear at an orchestra, but rather tones that can range from feeling soothing or make you feel uneasy. How the energy or vibration of the sound is experienced in the body may be indicative of it flowing through or being blocked within the body. Lastly, know that each sound bath is a unique experience which brings a variety of experiences as you float in and out of different states of mindfulness and as the body responds to the various sounds of the instruments. It is encouraged to pay attention to any visions your have during a sound bath because as they say in the sound industry, "Visions are how your soul speaks to the mind."

For more information on sound bathing click here About Sound Bathing

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Sound Bathing Rates

Full Sound Emersion Bath Session Rates


30 min = $45

45 min = $60

60 min = $75

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$25 per person

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"Did the sound healing class and it was just what I needed. Always a great experience here and such good energy. Thank you." Alyssa N.

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